Some people can do weight loss on their own, while others need lots of support around themselves.  My family and I are meeting this week to weigh in.  We are going to be putting in a small amount money a week and the winner will get the biggest pot at the end of the challenge. I am hoping that this “challenge” will kick in….. 😀



OK So some ppl may take that offensively, but for me it’s the truth……

The scariest thing for me to think about is belly fat and what is affects.  Belly fat gathers around your organs and eventually begins to expand your waistline as it beings to fill in around your liver, lungs, etc.. putting pressure on them and almost “suffocating” them to the point of failure of that organ. 


Just think about your health and all you have to lose if you were to lose your ability to live a normal, healthy life!

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